The 17-inch Lava Lamps from MoreBuyBuy use the pillar shape, elegantly flowing colored wax, and decorative glass to fill any space with the drama of motion and the beauty of soft colored light.


Watch the blob of color move up and down in this groovy lamp. Colorful and stylish, it's sure to add glitz and glamour to your room. The bright neon color bases will add a nice splash of color wherever you place the lamp.

Bluetooth Lava Lamp Speaker

SKU: ASP-817
  • 1. It is not only a LAVA lamp for room decoration but also a speaker to play music;
    2. The base of the Lava Lamp wireless speaker is no traditional lamp bottom, the base is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker
    3. Enjoy wonderful Lava light meanwhile to enjoy music, Lava will move and change its shape inside the bottle;
    4. There are different colors for the lava, select one you like;
    5. The liquid is sealed inside, it won't disappear and no need to fill extra
    6. Without extra accessory, it is power via socket.

    Caution: Please don't touch the bottom of base to avoid it is overheat, and please locate it far away from Children under 12.