The waterproof wireless bluetooth flying disk speaker is integral seal and never seepage. It has 50 meters (168ft) long distance wireless connectivity.
This flying disk speakers use impact resistant polypropylene plastics through thousands of throw tests.

Portable size and light weight, the fly disk speakers are especially suitable for outdoor parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and seaside areas, and is not limited by any geographical environment, it is also a portable indoor Bluetooth speaker.

With bluetooth connectivity, the flying disk speakers are easy to pair with smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktops computers, the last connected device is automatically memorized and connected without resetting again.
The fly disk speakers are designed with LED lights,which can be easily thrown at night or in poor light,the luminous flying disk that flies at night has visual effects like UFO.

Bluetooth Flying Disc Speaker

SKU: ASP-828
    1. Bluetooth speakers' transmission range is about 50 meters.
    2. The speaker is compatible with most bluetooth audio devices.
    3. LED lights,which can be easily thrown at night or in poor light.
    4. The ultra high strength TPU waterproof protective film to prevent the infiltration of water into the speaker.