The design team of fountain speaker is evolution again to launch the innovative upgrade speaker product. This product is designed with two full-range stereo speakers to create the surround sound performance, and the excellent music telepresence; simple and generous shape design, the square hollow fountain window with eight sets of water spray column and LED lights make the fountain more realistic; 5D infinity mirror light and shadow effects with fountain and music fusion show as if enjoy the happy time of the nightclubs scene. Come to party with your friends.

Bluetooth Fountain Music Box

    1. Power ON/OFF, Volume-(Previous), Volume+(Next), Play/Pause, Light ON/OFF, Fountain ON/OFF Buttons.
    2. Support Local Play with T-Flash (Micro SD) Memory Card Music Play.
    3. Support AUX in 3.5 mm cable connect.
    4. Compatible with all Wireless Bluetooth Audio Device, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop PC, Network TV..etc..
    5. Powered by USB-powered for indoor or outdoor USB power supply or power bank ease of use.